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Venice, the most romantic italin city




Venice is one of the most important artistic and cultural centres of and Europe. Used to be called Serenissima, Venice city was founded around the 450 d. C. by populations from the hinterland in escape from the threat of the barbaric invasions.

In order to know Venice you don’t need just to visit the art places traditionally related to the tourism like Piazza San Marco, the Canal Grande, the Basilica of San Marco, the Bridge of Rialto and many others, but you must necessary go into is culture: to walk in those little streets and squares called calli and campielli, to enter in an unusual world, a magical place where to pass unforgettable days suspended between art and history, between east and West. 

Venice offers not to only art and culture, but also history, and oriental fascination: this is the magic poets and writers told about. Cultural events like the Biennale, the Venice international film festival, or also the famous Carnevale Veneziano make part of the character of this extraordinary city. The venician lagoon, its 118 islands, its 354 bridges, the gondolas is an extraordinary wealth that no other city in the world can offer to the visitor