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Accessible and Social Tourism

Equipage Tour collaborates with professionals specialized in accessible and social tourism as VIAGGIARE ACCOMPAGNATI and PROFCONSULT.
Equipage Tour organizes individual and group travel and tourism activities for all ages and disability.
Special attention is paid to "Slow Travel" allowing people to enjoy their travel experience at their leisure.
All trips include assistance for travellers with special needs.

What is Accessible Tourism?  

Accessible tourism is the set of services and facilities to enable people with special needs to enjoy the holiday and leisure time without obstacles and difficulties. People with special needs can be people with disabilities, people with dietary requirements or allergies, the third and fourth age.

What is Social Tourism?  

Social tourism is the set of tourism activities capable of responding to a widespread need for relatedness. Tourism for everyone: families, children, elderly, disabled. The new model for social tourism aims to promote quality tourism, not elitist, more attentive to human contacts and the desire to create opportunities for cultural enrichment, promotion and enhancement of territorial resources.