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Incentive Trips

The incentive trip, for the exceptional human involvement, requires special care and careful consideration from the beginning of its setting.
Underestimate some organizational and technical components could mean the risk of jeopardizing the outcome of the incentive campaign with negative effects and repercussions in the long term.
This is why since Equipage Tour started to work on incentive it has always been working with the expert services and therefore gaining extensive experience in the sector thanks to its values.
Fundamental values
• Analysis of the incentive type, the socio-cultural level, as well as the interests
• Choose the travel period, reconciling the interests of the Company with the ideal time to visit the given location
• Make the trip out of the period of maximum flow
• Select a suitable and attractive destination
• Establish your route with few places very significant and well equipped with an appropriate balance between the circuit and the stay
• Determine the duration of the trip by reconciling the Company's needs with the best possible time for it
• Carry out appropriate inspections/survey 
• Plan the date of execution of the trip in advance
• Predict the spouse's traveller involvement 
• Predict the presence, during the trip, of the company's  maximum executives
• Give before and during the journey, accurate introductions and explanations in order to enhance the destination country's characteristics
• Provide a promotional and advertising support for the campaign
• Giving a special character and originality to the journey 
• Try to shape the participant, while traveling with tact and sensitivity, to make them feeling the reality of the visited country
• Team building 
• Organize tours and special meetings
• Include special dinners, various events, shows and special surprises
• Choose suitable hotels and qualified services
• Don't link to standardized mass circuits (which often hide behind low cost) at the expense of attention to detail
• Search for a certain savings meanly thanks to the low season price
• Choose expert guides, sensitive, communicative, helpful, intelligent entertainers, culturally and professionally prepared specifically for this kind of travel
• Choose the best Airline looking at schedules, frequency, punctuality, service and prestige
• Predict airliners and not binding to the selected air company  in an indissoluble way to avoid problems in case of emergencies
• Provide for payments to providers of services in a timely manner and according to their demand - that is a guarantee in international practice
• Provide the names and rooming-list in due course, to prevent overbooking or cancellations
• Finally it may seem obvious, but it is essential: to carefully choose the Travel agency to be entrusted with the organization, establishing a relationship of trust and interdependence between the agent and the sponsoring company