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Service Rules for Travellers

The passenger during the making of the journey, be it a package or a single service, will be equipped as valid identity documents for foreign travel for the itinerary and all the countries of residence visas, transit and health certificates if required.

For this effect is suggested to invite passengers to contact the responsible authorities. Through sources, relevant and updated, the traveller may inquire about any special procedures related to travel. The Company shall not be held responsible for misunderstandings that occurred during the trip due to lack of information by the traveller.

 Important information about the Hotel Service

  • Suppliers are responsible for any damage caused to passengers by the structures that host them
  • Passengers are required to comply with all rules and procedures established by the structures chosen for the stay.
  • Passengers must be aware that the room with two beds (twin) is never guaranteed and could only be confirmed upon arrival at the hotel. However, it is important to communicate that the supplier undertakes to do so always and in most cases succeed in satisfying customer requirements.

Important information about the service apartments (or houses or apartments rental)

  • Suppliers are responsible for any damage caused to passengers by the structures that host them
  • Passengers are required to comply with all rules and procedures established by the structures chosen for the stay.
  • The total number of people (including children) who use the selected hotel for overnight stay must not exceed the maximum number indicated on the Site, under penalty of refusal of acceptance of the Customer or a supplement to be paid locally.
  • Suppliers are responsible for paying for additional services (such as, for example, electricity, gas, water, telephone, laundry and security) related to housing unless otherwise stated in the notes.
  • Upon arrival, vendors or officers of the structures may require a deposit. Normally the deposit used to cover any additional expenses (extra) accumulated during their stay, can normally be made by credit card.

Important information concerning the rental of a vehicle

  • TravelPartners is not an agent of the rental companies, which have the voucher value as proof that the booking is made at the Supplier and that the payment was made or guaranteed, but not worth the rental contract. At the time of pick-up is therefore required to sign the rental contract of the supplier. The rental conditions listed within this website may not be exhaustive. The full version of the same shall be available in the contract provided by the rental company, which is subject to local laws.
  • When the contract is signed by the employees of suppliers require a deposit, which can only be guaranteed by credit card (except where otherwise indicated).
  • If the Customer has baggage, it is your responsibility to ensure that the car booked is large enough to carry all the baggage.

Important Information for Transfers, Excursions and Tours

  • If one of the passengers are children and babies, it is Customer's responsibility to make sure to bring with you or to request the child seat suitable for use in the rental vehicle. In some countries this would not happen, you may not have the service (without any refund).
  • Children under two that travel for free that may not have the right to meals and must travel in the arms of an adult where there is no seat available.
  • The hours of collection at the hotel and the duration of tours are subject to traffic conditions. The passengers, however, must still ensure reaching the starting point at least 5 minutes before the start of service.
  • In case of a service group (collective), when there is the collection service at the hotel, Suppliers levy will pick up Passengers in most of the hotels but not necessarily in all. Any similar issues will be communicated prior to departure via email.
  • Suppliers of Hiking reserve the right to change an itinerary or cancel a tour at short notice or without notice for any reason. Where it becomes necessary to cancel a tour, passengers will be offered the following options:
    • Participate in a tour request at a time or date alternative.
    • Participate in a guided tour instead.
    • Receive a full refund of expenditure by the return of Travel Partners.
  • Suppliers of Hiking Group (collective) reserve the right, at their discretion, require any person to renounce guided tour without any additional responsibility, when they consider his conduct offensive or disturbing to other passengers.
  • The porter service is never included in the price unless otherwise noted.
  • If Passengers travel with more than one bag each, it is their responsibility to ensure that the car booked is large enough to carry all the baggage.
  • Excursions and tours do not include any entrance fee, unless otherwise specified
  • In some cases, private tours and excursions include an accompaniment by a driver who provides a commentary while driving the car. It worth noting that although the drivers provide this service, sometimes they will be unable to park the car or to enter certain areas by car.
  • In no case, even for transfers involving the accompaniment of a driver who speaks a language to confirm the customer's request, the driver is required to assist passengers during check in at the accommodation, airport, port or station, unless it is specified in the detailed description of the service.
  • For transfers involving a service, it shall be deemed terminated when they check in at the accommodation, airport, port or station. And 'possible in the case of a service that originates or terminates at the airport, that responsibility is shared between a service representative at the airport and the driver of the car.
  • The duration of transfers is determined by the Supplier and calculated according to normal traffic. Travel Partners is not so responsible if the passenger misses a flight, train or another kind of coincidence that the duration of the service transfer exceptionally exceeds that expected.
  • The Group Transfers allow two bags, including one considered by hand, per person. If passengers travel with additional baggage could be asked to pay a supplement directly to the operator of the service.
  • To take advantage of a transfer group is always necessary to present a valid voucher. Without this voucher, you will not get the service.
  • If the traveller does not encounter driver / assistant / guide / the location of  the bus shuttle to the terminal or if he loses any other service group is his responsibility to call the number listed for the Assitance before taking alternative arrangements.
  • Suppliers reject any liability in respect of any articles lost or forgot to aboard their vehicle. It is reccomended to try to get at least the identity of these items before the end of service.


  • Any type of complaint about travel services must be brought to the attention of the Supplier directly specified in the voucher or hotel during your stay.
  • If the dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, it must be brought to the attention of Travel Partners as described in the General Conditions of the Site. It is reccomended to always document as much as possible litigation or a claim, also requesting written confirmation of any verbal agreements with suppliers, so as to facilitate the processing of transactions by verification of Travel Partners.